Harris Barron

I first flew as a seventeen year-old enlistee in the WWII Navy, and afterward for thirteen years as a sailplane pilot with the MIT Soaring group.

In 1988, Frank Scarabino, a glider tow-pilot friend from the MIT club, invited me to share an open-cockpit, antique biplane flight from Lawrence,Massachusetts to Oceanside, California.

After that flight, I wrote Spaces in the Air, an account of those seven days seeing America from low altitudes, completing twenty-five take-offs and landings. With the name Eagle Air, I have continued to write a non-fiction memoir—The Birth of Eagle Air , short fiction, poetry and essays. Some works are sampled here.

During many years of making sculpture, I looked for form in nature that enabled ideas to become concrete. In writing, words themselves reveal dimensions of sound and color, rhythm, mood and form.


Download Reinventing

Download Coming to Grip

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Download Form and Content

Download Understanding Misunderstanding

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Non Fiction

Download French Frigate Shoals – A short story from memoir, Birth of Eagle Air.

Download Store – A short story from memoir, Birth of Eagle Air.

Download Where It Comes From – An essay